The Pillars Retreat is committed to the implementation of measures to help protect and sustain the environment for future generations. We recognise the impact of our operation on the environment around us and try to minimise that impact. As a result, we have implemented the following sustainability policy.

Examples of everyday actions:


  • Paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, toner cartridges.
  • Food waste is fed to our chickens and non-food organic waste is composted
  • Waste compacted to reduce number of collections.
  • Saving energy
  • Monitoring gas and electricity consumption on an on-going basis.
  • Move to low-energy light bulbs (as old bulbs expire)
  • Timer controlled heating
  • Re-use towels on guest request.
  • When replacing worn-out appliances we change to energy-efficient models.

Reduction of

  • Water consumption by installation of dual-flush system in toilets.
  • Waste packaging by the purchase of items in bulk where possible
  • Conservation
  • Planting of trees and shrubs to create natural habitats for wildlife

Social policy

  • Donating supplementary products or furniture to local charities/schools
  • Hire local staff where possible to grow community
  • Guest amenities are donated to the local women’s refuge where possible along with surplus/ old branded items.
  • Donate old computers etc to local schools
  • Free provision of The Pillars Retreat facilities to local charities for meetings or event hosting

We are in the process of being assessed on the Qualmark Enviro rating system and will work towards achieving Qualmark Enviro-Gold rating.

We strive to make The Pillars Retreat environmentally friendly accommodation and also use organic, home-grown foods in our breakfasts wherever possible.